Gunnar vs. Lobo Gris

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Gunnar and Lobo meet in a bedroom with Lobo looking for some tips on how to be an alpha male. Gunnar of course feels that he is the expert on being an alpha male and so goes about giving some advice. After a few poses the pair decide on a test of strength by arm wrestling each other. It is not long before Lobo is taught that being alpha male is more than just about strength, but also about knowing when your enemy is weakest and most open to attack.

Soon , Lobo is at the mercy of Gunnar and on his shoulders be carried around like a sack of potatoes before being dumped back on the mat. Gunnar is not done showing Lobo how he is the alpha male however, and subjects his opponent to other feats of strength including a powerful bearhug. In a sign of Gunnar’s quest to just humiliate Lobo, he lets Lobo put him in a bearhug and merely brushes off the attempt.

Even further, he allows Lobo to put him in a sleeper hold, but within moments he has reversed the hold and has Lobo in a full nelson instead. To Gunnar, the alpha male must never show any sign of weakness, and only complete dominance of any and all challengers to the title…..a lesson Lobo learns all too quickly in this bout!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 24 minutes, 06 seconds

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