Guido Genatto vs. The Mountain

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These are two of the toughest and meanest wrestlers at W4H. Countless wrestlers have fallen victim to the relentless punishment these two monsters have dished out through the years. Guido tips the scales around 220 pounds and has a savage nature about him that makes many of us wonder if he needs psychiatric help (most of us believe he does, but we’re all afraid to say it to him). The Mountain didn’t get his ring name because he’s a little twink wrestling wanna-be prancing around with pretty hair and a tiny speedo. He got that name because he’s damn near as big as a mountain, weighing in well north of 300 pounds. Many muscle boys have fallen victim to him as they believe their pretty muscles are better than his size and skills. Silly muscle boys. They had to learn their lesson the hard way – by getting the shit beat out of them by this beast of a wrestler. 

The Boss has somehow signed a match between these two. They trash-talk each other immediately, with Guido in his signature spider web trunks and The Mountain in black trunks that could double as a car cover. Neither of these behemoths are known for losing, so this will be a very interesting match. Will it be back-and-forth? A squash job? We aren’t sure what to expect. What we know for certain is that the f-bombs are flying around as often as bitchy comments at a gay pool party. We also see that after only a few minutes, both ring veterans are winded and looking tired. It’s going to be a long, painful match. 

Neither Guido nor The Mountain are lacking in wrestling expertise or experience. Both know how to wrestle and how to inflict punishment and enjoy doing so. They go after each other with a level of intensity we haven’t seen before here at W4H. The number of f-bombs seems to increase by the minute, as do the insults and screams of anguish and pain. This is pro wrestling and matches never end in a tie. In the end, we can honestly say there was some back-and-forth, but most of the match was one monster dominating the other. Were Guido’s muscles and mean streak enough to dominate The Mountain? Is The Mountain able to put another notch in his belt of muscle boys who have fallen victim to his size and brutality? We’d love to tell, but this is an awesome f’ing match and we don’t want to spoil it for you. 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 18 minutes, 50 seconds

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