Guido Genatto vs. Garrett Thomas

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Hot and hairy, bald and beefy barefoot “Filthy Father” Guido Genatto can’t wait to rip into The Boss Hog. Garrett Thomas gains the first advantage, almost locking on a full nelson. Gold lamé wearing Garrett locks on a heated headlock that gets Guido going strong, shoving the Boss Hog backwards over the ropes. Garrett manages to force Genatto down, wrenching his arm backwards and threatening to shave his opponent’s hairy chest. Guido rolls himself to freedom, feeding Garrett a facefull of armpit.

“You’re looking at a real man’s body, daddy!” roars Guido, as he crushes Garrett’s face. Garrett locks his thighs around Guido, spitting out the Filthy Father’s nasty hair. They break apart, run at each other, lockup and tumble...again and again. With each tumble to the floor, they torture one another with their chests...smothering and arguing about the benefits of being hairy or smooth.

Guido clamps his hands around Garrett’s jaw, locking his bare feet at the ankles, and tossing around that long, luscious hair. Garrett finds himself getting choked out by Guido’s thigh muscles. It’s a gloriously even battle...but only one dude will win!

Run Time: 15 minutes, 44 seconds

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