Guido Genatto vs. Chet Chastain & Alvin James

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Find a better, hotter, nastier, more entertainingly athletic wrestler than Guido Genatto. Just try. This dude’s an animal with edge, ferocity, and a seething sexiness that cannot be denied. Enter Alvin James and Chet Chastain, two men on a mission to systematically destroy every superior man they encounter. Gluttons for punishment, they issue a challenge to a rabid Genatto.  

“The hottest tagteam in wrestling vs. the alpha male of the underground,” Chastain offers. “Two on one, whaddya say?” It’s not what Genatto says. It’s what he does! Without even a moment’s hesitation, all three are pounding, rolling, and warring like cartoon characters in a cloud of dust. Watch in disbelief as Genatto’s abs are squeezed, his neck is crushed, his legs are brutalized, and his balls are smashed. 

James rides him like a bitchass pony, entangling him in his legs while Chastain lays on the gut punches. Now Chastain and James sound like Genatto, dropping insults with all the ferocity and rabid rebellion the can manage. This is no squash job. This is a fucking fight, as Genatto never, ever stops doing everything in his power to slap these punishment sluts silly! If you’ve ever fantasized about beating the very best, one’s for you.

Total Run-time: 18 minutes

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