Guido Genatto vs. Ace Owens & Cam Zagucci

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Ace Owens and Cam Zagucci are stretching out on the ring feeling pretty good about their next match. This tag team match will be pretty easy, or so they think. They are a bit confused when Guido comes into the ring all by himself, “does it really look like I need a partner”. He has a point, both Cam and Ace combine are probably Guido's weight.

Guido has had many matches in the past and we can easily see his experience show in each of them. Guido normally gets paired up against a bunch of weaker “inferior” wrestlers that don’t provide much of a challenge. But will Ace and Cam working together be enough to bring down the goliath in front of them?

Let’s see how they fair one on one for the beginning. Ace let’s Cam go first. This should be interesting. Cam is ready to go, Guido asks Cam to take it easy on Guido as he doesn’t have a partner. To bad Guido won’t be going easy on either or them, but they will have to wait to find that out. Ace tags in and gives it a go, only to find himself on his knees when he wanted to test his strength. Cam wants to tag in but, his hands are a bit tied up in the meantime.

Guido releases him and let’s Cam come in and try to do something. These boys don’t learn that one on one won’t work against Guido. Maybe they will have some better luck when they work together. They are able to make some progress but Guido is just too strong… or these guys are a tad too weak.

Cam pleads for help from his partner but he is on the ground and can barely move. They are both in rough shape. It seems even working together isn’t even close to enough strength to get Guido on his knees. Who knows though maybe they will get lucky with some sneaky blows though.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes

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