Green Fang vs. Red Fang

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Green Fang is in the ring, espousing how wonderful he is.  Soon his mentor, Red Fang joins him and although he taught Green Fang everything he knows, Green Fang feels as though he owes no thanks to his former teacher, and in fact, talks him down and continues his endless self-promotion. 
Things become physical and Green Fang is punishing Red Fang's abdomen and brings him to the mat, where he proceeds to stomp his former mento endlessly.  Naturally this does not sit well with Red Fang, and after a short time Red Fang has turned the tables.
The problem is that while Red Fang has taught Green Fang all Green Fang knows, Red Fang has not taught Green Fang everything Red Fang knows!  Case in point, mind control that Red Fang uses to his advantage to totally control his adversary.  And use it he does, suddenly Green Fang is unable to defend himself against the older Red Fang, and he finds himself bent over the ropes, spanked, subjected to ball claws and bent and twisted to his mentor's pleasure. 
Laid spread out for further punishment over the top rope in the corner, the humiliation the Green Fang is forced to endure is relentless.
Not that the quantity of humiliation in any way deters the Red Fang from piling it on.  At multiple times throughout the bout, Red Fang grabs a hold of Green Fangs huge bulge and just twists and turns as his protégé squeals in pain.  When the time to end the battle finally comes, it is only after a back breaking Boston Crab that has Green Fang nearly breaking in half as Red Fang pours it on, using every pound of his own body for leverage.  Forced to tap out, Green Fang at last lies still in the ring, a victim of his own pride and hubris, as his former mentor struts off in victory.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 04 seconds

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