Graham Varnett vs. Todd The Rod

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Graham Varnett has all the makings of a perfect, skinny jobber twigboy. Todd the Rod feels like your hairy, meaty big brother who loves to beat on his younger bro. They’re both pale, knee-padded, and hesitant at first. Neither one can trash talk, but watching them try brings a smile to my face.

Todd manages to get Varnett in a full nelson, driving him to his knees, then back up again, only to slam him down again with increasing aggression. Todd seems to like the role of the heel, and you can see his inner heel coming out as the match progresses as he crushes Varnett’s lightly hairy abs, pulls his hair, bends his fingers back, and slaps him around!

Suddenly, Todd discovers the camel clutch, and something in him seems to snap! He starts flexing, flinging Varnett, and roaring threats like an animal! It’s like Doctor Jekyll turning into Mister Hyde. Todd beams like a kid at Christmas as he handgags the jobberboy or plows into him like a bull. All poor Varnett can do is fluff and fix his pretty boy hair between brutal holds! If you’re interested in witnessing the birth of a heel, this is the vid for you!

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 12 seconds

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