Golden Atlas vs. Dr. Maniacal

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Dr. Maniacal is back, ready to unleash his diabolical schemes on the world! But just as destruction looms, chiseled superhero Golden Atlas swoops in to save the day. This muscle-bound hero seems unstoppable—until he encounters the twisted genius of Dr. Maniacal. 

The battle is fierce and brutal. Dr. Maniacal wastes no time, going straight for Golden Atlas's precious privates, squeezing until it looks like they'll burst. The villain knows how to handle handsome heroes, delivering relentless down-under assaults and bending our hero over for repeated slaps to his hard-as-a-rock glutes, leaving red handprints across his butt cheeks. 

But the torment doesn't end there. Dr. Maniacal dishes out nut-crushing, ass-destroying blows and fish hooks that nearly tear the hero's face off. And that's just the beginning. The evil doctor, indulging his S&M fantasies, grabs some rope and chloroform, knocking Golden Atlas out cold. 

When the hero awakens, he's tied to a bed in Dr. Maniacal's sinister operating room, stripped of his costume and at the villain's mercy. The hero's true peril begins now, as he finds himself fully exposed to the mad doctor's twisted desires. Forced to do everything that Maniacal commands including worshipping his body and kissing his boots.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 44 seconds

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Ryan Moriarty Moriarty
Almost Perfect

Before I start, I'm nitpicking about the genre in general. If you're wondering if you should get this - you should. As always, Dr. Maniacal crushed the assignment, and Golden Atlas has the bones of being great in this role. Before reading anything else, I'm about to write - it's worth your money, check it out.

In my opinion, the issue with this video is a lack of grit and strength on the part of the hero. So many videos in the oeuvre are like this one, and I desperately want some fight from the good guys. They should not be arriving to get their ass kicked and then be dragged through the wringer without another word spoken. What makes scenarios like this hot to me is the reversal of power. We should go into the video under the assumption that the hero will win, but through trickery or subterfuge, the villains gain the upper hand and can now touch, and in our case, molest, the untouchable.

That's how this works in the classic sense, and it's why so many people's gay awakening was Batman in the 60s. The difference is that Batman is not content to just be killed by the trap or just let the villains win - he struggles and fights and spouts bravado right to the bitter end. Try to imagine how 'erotically charged' an episode would be if Batman just limply walked into the villain's lair, laid down on the trap, and then let it crush him without a word or a movement. No! He fights goons, he flips tables, he does some heroics, and then is ultimately undone by a dirty trick.

That's what I'd love to see more of - fight, struggle, actual heroism - even if it's doomed. There was none of that in this one, and it's a shame because everything else is on point. I love these videos, but sometimes it feels like the heroes know what kind of video they're in and give up before it's began - no more resigned acceptance.

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