Garrett Thomas vs. Will Favero vs. Caleb Klein

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Welcome to the weight room, rookies! Here, impossible feats of strength are an everyday occurrence. Here, egos and attitudes are on fire as sweat-drenched, physically strained and pained muscleheads come in close contact with one another, weaving those forceful frames through the heavy metal fitness equipment, all to the underscoring of clanking weights. Here, aggression is high. 

When lined up, Garrett Thomas, Caleb Klein, and Will Favero resemble a row of wrestling nesting dolls...big, medium, and small. But when these hard-bodied brawlers collide in the weight room, it’s not the size of the dog in the fight that matters. Boastful dares erupt into in-your-face pushing and shoving, until Favero crosses a line by grabbing a hefty handful of Thomas’ hair and giving it a good yank. It’s on! But there’s no tidy ring to encompass the scope of their battling...or their bitching! 

Broad-chested Klein picks up a fallen punching bag and uses it to force fighting Favero and truculent Thomas into the darkened fight room. Mid-ring, Thomas and Klein lock up, eyes locked, smooth vs hairy exchanging some loud chest strikes. Favero slinks into the ring, and all three lock up in an avalanche of crushing, sweating, humiliating holds that sees the trio rocking side to side like three drunken sailors caught in a high seas storm. 

Easily one of the most physically fascinating, rough, and FUN humiliation matches we’ve ever filmed! The action never stops. The sweaty aggression never cools down. It’s men fighting like bitches, or bitches fighting like me. You decide. Either way, it’s every man for himself!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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