Garrett Thomas vs. Mighty Vinny

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Vinny thinks he looks pretty good oiled up with that boyish face and beefy bod glowing in the lights. Poor Vinny. When will he learn that his joy is always short lived? Enter Garrett Thomas, who gets glistened up too. Vinny’s excited to wrestle the great Boss Hog, and he’s sure he’s ready. 

“Think you’re in shape now?” asks musclebound Garrett. The Boss Hog challenges Vinny to a sad flexoff, calling him “the little boy” (hey, the nickname fits!), and politely asking Vinny to send in a more muscular opponent. Vinny’s feelings are hurt, and he lashes out at Garrett...only to get slammed through the mat! Get ready for a gravity defying, athletic, epic ass kicking. Vinny is hoisted off his boots and hurtled through the air again and again, until he finds his head trapped between Garrett’s thighs. With every flex, Vinny screams with pain. 

Garrett rolls over into a pushup position with the boy still trapped between his legs, releasing a cry of agony with each rep. Garrett even rocks Vinny’s beefy body like a baby. “Rockabye BITCH!” spits Garrett, as he prepares to stretch the boy out in ways you have to see to believe. Heel destroys mouthy Jobber, and all is right with the world. 

Total Runtime: 21 minutes, 26 seconds

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