Garrett Thomas vs. Maverick

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Garrett Thomas and Maverick look like a match made in wrestling heaven. Both big, bearded, and brutal in the ring, these buddies are always happy to help each other out...or are they? 

The bigger Thomas casually asks the Master to spread a light coating of baby oil on his back for him. Maverick seems outraged to be asked to engage in such a menial task, applying said baby oil with a stereophonic slap that reverberates into the night. It’s a big man’s baby oil slap fight, until our bearded brawlers finally lock up and let loose with a series of squeezes that would render any man completely breathless. 

Maverick is muscled to the floor, where Thomas presses firmly down upon him with the bulk of his weight, back muscles glistening in the light. Maverick resorts to stomach punching, rendering his taller opponent weak and wriggling on the floor as he applies on hell of a hard head lock. But that baby oil does its job, making it easy for Thomas to slip free from Maverick’s usually deadly grip.

It’s two big-ass bad boys beating, squeezing, smashing, and slamming the living daylights out of each other, using ever move in the book, and then some!

Total Run-time: 21 minutes

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