Garrett Thomas vs. Flash LaCash

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On paper, a rough ring match between wolf-like Garrett Thomas and wild-man Flash LaCash sounds like a perfect, even challenge. And from the moment the ref says “let’s go!” these guys prove it. The first cry of pain comes from Flash, but it takes a moment for these two grapplers to feel each other out. Muscular bodies and handsome faces strain and suffer, grasping and groping for dominance.

They seem to be equals in strength, laboring to move one another like ordinary men trying to move mountains. They tumble to the floor, a brawling, agonized mass of manflesh and muscle. Abdomens are crushed, necks are bent, arms are wrenched. The ref repeatedly asks if anybody wants to quit, but these men keep fighting as if the total pain they’re experiencing is the purpose of today’s meetup.

Flash grabs a handful of Garrett’s hair, swings him around in a rage, driving his head into his own abs. Garrett is thrown, scissored, and slammed. A moment of mutual hairpulling turns the sportsmanlike match more nasty, as boots, legs, arms, and sweaty bodies twist and tangle in a tight tussle that will leave the ref shaken up, and one man utterly defeated!

Run Time: 20 minutes, 36 seconds

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