Gabe Steele vs. Ethan Andrews (My Nuts, Bro)

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Growing star of the underground wrestling world is Gabe Steel, and from the looks of him in his white trunks and boots he has been working extremely hard on that hard body. 

But we all know that Ethan Andrews is already been a star for a long time. He’s taken down much bigger guys than Gabe with his technical pro style and Gabe could be in for a rude awakening! 

Ethan takes the lead right away, cornering Gabe in the corner for some intense shoulders to the gut, and then throwing him to the mat. Unfortunately, he begins to focus on Steel’s package and Gabe takes advantage of it with a vicious head scissor! I guess he needed a closer view of his crotch.

As the match continues, it’s clear that these two are evenly matched, but to gain the upper hand, neither is afraid to play dirty! Long and slow holds are paired with giant punches and kicks to the boys sweet spots. 

Ethan takes the first pin fall by racking Gabe over his shoulders and delivering a dizzying airplane spin that leaves Gabe dazed and confused after a crash landing! 

This fuels the latin studs rage and Gabe unleashes a flurry of power moves, throwing Ethan around the ring, using every part of the ring for his sadistic attack. Finally he scoops up the underground stud and almost decapitates him with a tombstone piledriver! 

The match goes from technical to torturous after this, both hunks focusing entirely on domination. Suplexes, Ball kicks, bear hugs, and smothering scissors abound, and it’s not long before the boys are stripped of their pro trunks to black thongs and the match takes a different turn. I won’t spoil it all for you, but let’s just say, these two are hiding a sexy secret from each other! 

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 30 minutes, 15 seconds

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