Fuse vs. Power Stealer

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Fuse is in the ring feeling the power through him.  Shortly thereafter, he is joined by Power Stealer who immediately moves to not only steal his green/black speedo, but all of his power as well.  Confused, Fuse wonders exactly what happens as Power Stealer laughs at the power he now has, power he now unleashes back at Fuse, who goes flying across the ring, the recipient of a power blast that had once been his to command.  To Power Stealer, this attach is just the opening salvo of the beating he has planned for Fuse.
Fuse becomes totally confused as what has just happened, and he is so distracted that Power Stealer takes the opportunity to seize the advantage.  Besides repeated burst of energy thrown at Fuse, Power Stealer also body slams the helpless hero, delivers multiple splashes onto the prone Fuse from the corner, and twists and stretches the now powerless Fuse into every type of shape you can imagine.  When the end is near, it is preceded by a massive lift over Power Stealers head only to be deposited to the mat, into a back breaker and finally a sleeper hold into the final maneuver.
This is a Hero Hunk video like you have never seen.  A great storyline, never before seen special effects, and a body on our two combatants that although may seem like CGI, are in fact real.  What Power Stealer has in store for Fuse should not be allowed, however, we are the beneficiaries as he unleashes his master plan.  Fuse may be down for the count (for good?) but Power Stealer is free to move to his next victim.  I fear for whoever may be next on Power Stealer's list!

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A Muscle God for our Age!

The Greeks had Hercules, and they had Prometheus who stole fire from the gods. And now along comes Scrappy. He had the looks to once be his high school’s prom king, and he’s now a bodybuilder and the most popular underground wrestler of our times. In this VID, Scrappy is up against Javier, who has secret magical something he can throw on his opponent. Like the modern-day Prometheus, Scrappy steals it from him and uses against him, sending another challenger to his utter ruin!
Five stars for imagination, five stars for action, five stars for muscle!!!

Scrappy is the man!

Gorilla press fan here. Use the move = purchased match! Give us more!
Thanks for all you guys do to entertain.

Good, but can be made better

This had a really interesting concept, but I don't think it takes it as far as it could. While it was nice to see a superhero video finally have people display some sort of superpower, I feel that more could have been done to sell this story.

For example, I feel it would have worked better instead of wrestling gear if the Fuse and Power Stealer wore more standard hero and villain attire. I also feel that stealing Fuse's powers should have been more of a process, with damaging and/or removing pieces of the hero's gear the weaker he becomes from having his powers slowly stolen and beaten.

Both performers played their roles very well, and the special effects added to the experience. I hope to see more like this in the future and hopefully improve upon the foundation this one laid.

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