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Donevan versus Gabe Steele

Donevan definitely likes the look of his own body (and who can blame him?).  When we join the action, he is posing for the camera, letting you take in every inch of his chiseled musclular body.  Come into the frame is Gabe Steele.  Yes, that Gabe Steele who has come a long way since his first matches in W4H.  He has expanded not only his knowledge and abilities, but also his confidence.  While Donevan is busy posing, Gabe delivers a low blow to the youngster and then pounces on the hurting stud.  Gabe seems to spend the first part of their bout focusing on Donevan's back, with a boston grab, a devastating bearhug and then an over the back backbreaker.
Gabe gets seriously surprised when Donevan manages to trun the tables on the more experienced grappler.  Gabe, however, with his skills, soon once again gains the upperhand and then doubles his efforts to not only punish, but humiliate the young Donevan.  Stripping DOnevan down to just a blue thong, Gabe drops his knee into Donevan's crotch, once more lifts him onto his shoulders in another back breaker, and then, in a final move, slaps his incredibly powerful legs around Donevan's head, cutting off the flow of blood and air to Donevan, to the point where he eventually falls unconscious from the move.  Satisfied with his outcome, Gabe walks off leaving the stud to wake up later and figure out what has happened.  A great beatdown of a young muscular wrestler!
Total running time:  25 minutes, 12 seconds

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