Forrest Taylor vs. Caleb Klein (Knocked Out)

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How many times can a person be knocked unconscious in a match and still be considered an opponent?  Caleb Klein intends to answer that question as he blindsides Forrest Taylor in the corner, and in the course of the next 20 minutes, delivers Forrest into the land of Nod on several occasions.  And it's not just through sleeper holds either/  Forrest is the recipient of multiple tombstones at the hands of Caleb, each time his head bouncing off the mat and forcing him into unconsciousness.
Between each "nap" Caleb also likes to play with his toys, and here, whether a camel clutch, and an open handed chop to Forrest's exposed chest, or whatever punishing move Caleb decides, Forrest is only able to breather heavily.  Although he sttempts to fight back a few times, these are extinguished very early in their development, kind of like someone swatting away a fly.  With no real competition to speak of, Caleb is free to have his way with the young Forrest.
Forrest has developed quite a following in the underground wrestling world and he obviously has been in a weight room.  Very toned and proportioned, with a head and beard full of red hair to die for, it makes it all the more satisfying to watch as he slowly slips away, any recognition of the waking world leaving from behind those eyes.  It may not be a pretty sight for him, but if you like watching a young ginger have the life slowly drain from him, this one is for you!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  21 minutes, 47 seconds

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Big Poppa
Beautiful jobber

That new jobber is delicious 🤤
From the looks of his shiny trunks, he enjoyed the punishment as much as I enjoyed watching it. Only 2 complaints - why no dragon or face to face sleepers? And how do i get my hands in that beautiful boy toy? Give him my email address.

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