Flash LaCash vs. Marc Merino (Make Him Suffer)

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Massive Marc Merino looks damn good in his blue plaid, belted trunks, like something out of a vintage beefcake spread. Flash LaCash, with his glowing Cheshire Cat’s grin, has no need for such decorative wrestling gear. He’s got all the gear he needs in that tight, toned, practically rendered in bronze wrestler’s body. 

When Merino hits the mat face down, one begins to wonder if we’ve ever seen him be anything but somebody’s hard-bodied, impossibly muscular bitch. Flash captures the saturine bitch in his beartrap, clamping his thighs so tightly around Merino’s torso he can’t even speak. Soon we’ve got Flash hanging from the ropes like a monkey, his knees crushing the muscle stud’s head so fucking hard. 

The barefoot bitch gets a taste of Flash’s sneakers, as the hostile aggressor stomps him into the mat like a bug, then twists his midsection almost in two and wrenches his legs practically out of their sockets, using his own powerful body for leverage. 

This isn’t even a wrestling match. Shit...this is an all out ass-kicking! Merino is clay. Flash is the artist. Watch as this sadistic, smiling artist molds his clay into the form of a screaming, suffering, sinewy little jobber.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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