Flash LaCash vs. Chet Chastain (Unleashed)

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Khal Drogo incarnate Flash LaCash looks like he could give Jason Momoa a run for his wallet. Now bearded and bigger than ever, LaCash practically rocks he ring with his jumping jacks. Before pretty bitchboy Chet Chastain can even finish a sentence, the Horse Lord is on him, surprising the shit out of him by hammering the bitchboy’s abs, hurling him into the ropes, and wrenching his jaw open in a near camel clutch until the kid cries out in agony. 

Nobody suffers like Chastain. Nobody. Arms thrown over his head in wincing agony, LaCash guides him through a sadistic sit-up session that offers a double fisted punch or shove at the end of each rep. You’ll feel pure pain shooting through your neck and lower back as you watch the Horse Lord yank Chastain backward by his chin, brutalizes his balls with his boots, and kicks the shit out of him with full stomping pressure. 

LaCash straddles the bitchboy for a fucked up push-up session, thudding down upon him with his ass to grind him into the floor, only to force him back up again by his ears. It’s one messed up, mangling move after another as La Cash forces the prettyboy to eat shit like the tight assed little bitch he is!

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 54 seconds

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Trained to perfection

I love Chet when he's arrogant, strutting and bossing some jobber around. But, as a jobber, he's the real deal too! And so beautiful - as you might guess, I'm an enthusiast! Flash makes a wonderful heel - loud, brash, in your face with the moves to back it up. All the ingredients for a perfect match, and this doesn't disappoint.

Not sure the context of Chet needing training quite works but it does give a great excuse to watch Chet doing push -ups and being pulled up by the ears!

Watching Flash twisting Chet up like a pretzel certainly worked for me!

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