Falcon vs. Dark Bagwell

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Falcon is seated, bound and gagged. Enter our villain, Dark Bagwell who says he will get the information he wants from our seemingly helpless hero. Finally ungagged, it is only done so that Dark Bagwell can use a chain to choke him. Multiple ball grabs send shots of unbelievable pain, but the torture of our hero is just beginning.

Released from the chair, Falcon quickly finds himself on the mad and at the sadistic whims of a man who seems to relish in dishing out the pain. Falcon refuses to divulge the information to Dark Bagwell and so the punishment moved to a new phase. Practically torn out of his costume to reveal a tiny red thong, Falcon is choked more not only by the hands of Dark Bagwell, but also with his own utility belt. Fully torn out of his costume now, our hero suffers a humiliating spanking.

Will Falcon reveal what Dark Bagwell is looking for or can he survive the onslaught to not only his body but his mind as well? Will he stay conscious long enough to even give the information if he wanted to? The pain is so intense that the hero’s face turns bright red at one point, nearly begging for the pain to stop. Unfiortunately it is just beginning, and backbreakers and sleeper holds are used tot totally destroy the hero…who is then carted off for more diabolical torture! Will we ever see Falcon again?

Total Run-Time: 24 minutes 31 seconds

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