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Vaz Lavisto versus Sam Jucator

Sam and Vaz are familiar with each other in the ring. 

In this second entry of their battle from overseas, the pair are once again locking horns, Vaz hoping for the same result as their first match and Sam looking for some better luck than he had in their previous battle.  As with their first contest, the two shake hands to begin the bout, but neither seems to be the one to release the handshake and only after some trying do the pair finally separate and begin their match in earnest.  Sam grabs an early advantage, placing Vaz in bearhugs....standing beahugs, bearhugs on the mat, wherever and whenever he can get his arms around Vaz's midsection to deny the flow of air. 

Vaz comes storming back though and soon he has Sam hurting as he flings Sam to the mat and pounces on the downed stud.  Showing he can give as good as he gets, soon Vaz has Sam in a reverse bearhug of his own and then morphs into a full nelson and ends with Vaz placing all of his weight on the lower back on Sam. 

In the end, it is once again a reverse bearhug that notches the final victory and a winner is declared.  The loser unceremoniously exits the rings without a word as the winner addresses the camera, explaining that although they were a worthy appointment, it was not enough for them.  Another great match from our friends across the pond!

VIDEO LENGTH -  13 minutes, 04 seconds

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