Ethan Andrews vs. Wayne The Jobber

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“Another match to prove that I’m the best heel.” 

“I ain’t goin’ down without a fight, pal. I’m gonna smack your stupid face.”

These guys know their roles, and they play them well. 

Wayne the Jobber is something entirely new. A self-proclaimed jobber who loves to fight back. Shaved head, old-timey beardburns, youthful face, natural physique. Wayne will remind you of that adorable workman who some by to make repairs. The one with that glint in his eye that tells you he’s just longing to be rolled up, pushed around, and laid flat in an aggressively applied pin. 

Who better to grant this jobber’s wish than dream-come-true Ethan Andrews, who goes to town on Wayne’s nipples, neck, chin, and torso. Every move is exquisitely locked and accompanied by a delightful back-and-forth exchange of trash talk. 

Even a humiliating spladle can’t take the fight out of this jobber. Leg and arm abuse, gut punching, sleepers, and the Ethan Andrews special brand of smiling sadism keeps this match roaring to a final, devastating finish.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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