Ethan Andrews vs. Ty Alexander

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What is it about this combination of combatants? It may be Cute Guy vs. Cute Guy, but studying the intense energy between these two, you could almost believe they met up in the shadowy ring to settle some unspoken score. Maybe they’re up for the same part in a national commercial, or have come to fight over a potential significant other. Whatever the reason, these aggressive grapplers are here to FIGHT. 

A savage test of strength sees Andrews psyching Alexander out as he twists his arms behind him like taffy, all too easily working his head between his clamped thighs. Andrews wastes no time in layering in the humiliation aspects, first with a wicked wedgie, then with a barbaric Boston crab. Alexander eats the mat like a trooper, sobbing and moaning like a little bitch as Andrews heartlessly abuses his opponents fingers one-by-one. 

The humiliation continues, as Andrews deftly maneuvers a headlocked Alexander into an ass-up, fully compromising position. Alexander endures a playful nuggie as Andrews grinds his face even further into the floor, accompanied by a comprehensive list of every type of sweat in the mat, delivered as a graphic monologue in his signature dulcet tones. 

Alexander finds himself secured in a callous camel clutch, then in some heinous head scissors, all while Andrews lounges, hands behind his head, as if he were on the beach while his rival suffers. Marvel at the cool, calm, almost detached temperament of Andrews, mixed with just a glint of perfect pleasure, as he picks Alexander apart one piece at a time.

Total Run-time: 30 minutes

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