Ethan Andrews vs. John Wolfboy (Wrestler vs. Karate)

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It’s an intriguing question, who would win in a battle between wrestling and martial arts? This video attempts to answer, at least in the short term, who the victor would be. Ethan is in the ring awaiting his opponent (who just happens to be late). Donned in a black speedo, Ethan is greeted by adversary (and real-life boyfriend) John Wolfboy who is clad in a gi. The debate is on!

The early stages of the bout show John using the quickness and precision of martials arts taking the lead. Kicks to the leg, John avoiding attempts at tackles with his speed. Chops to the solar plexus and chest, stomps as he is posing over the prone Andrews all help Wolfboy with his argument that martial arts is the better and more lethal discipline.

But Ethan hasn’t gotten to where he is in underground wrestling without some tricks of his own, and soon he schools Wolfboy that while it may be less disciplined, it can be highly effective in his own right. Soon Ethan is putting Wolfboy through his paces, pounding on the helpless stud, twisting his nipples mercilessly and just generally abusing him causing extreme amounts of pain. Wolf Boy owns the first half of the bout, Ethan owns the second half, who will come out on top in this argument? You’ll have to watch to find out!

Total running time: 23 minutes 43 seconds

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