Ethan Andrews vs. Garrett Thomas

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Does NOTHING scare Ethan Axel Andrews? This dude is the epitome of every skinny, pale daydreamer in gym class, staring up in reverence at the big, muscular jocks. But there’s something special about Andrews...namely, his complete and total confidence in the ring, which drives him to inflict true, torturous pain on guys of all shapes and sizes. 

Tanned muscle man Garrett Thomas takes one look at clean-cut Andrews and scoffs right in his face, only to have his balls handed to him, his pecs nearly twisted off, his breath constricted, and his strapping frame sewn through the ropes like a needle and thread. 

Each agonizing hold only makes Andrews grow bolder, braver, and nastier, clamping Master Ethan in a nelson and forcing him to his feet so the camera can bask in the glow of those golden thigh muscles. Back to the floor, and Andrews punishes Thomas’ dominant arm, twisting and wrenching it in all the wrong ways, only to scissor Thomas’ head so long and so hard half a dozen blood cells bust have died in the process. 

“I may be scrawny, man, but these skinny legs really do know how to knock a person out.” 

Sit back, relax, and watch as the handsome every-man lives the dream, and the hard-bodied hunk takes one hell of a beautiful beating!

Total Run-time: 27 minutes

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