Ethan Andrews & Gabe Steele vs. Matty O'Boy & Zacky Darlin

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Matty and Zacky are two of the cutest wrestler on the roster. Real Life boyfriends, they are fierce opponents when they fight each other and even fiercer when they work together as a tag team. Their stars in the wrestling world are definitely rising as they gain more and more fans with each match they film. (Fans have been begging to see them fight each other naked. It doesn’t happen in this vid, but keep those dreams - and those custom match ideas - alive!)

Ethan Andrews is obviously amused by what he calls the “twink” couple. Sexy as they may be, they’re no match for him and his tag partner, big and beefy Gabe Steel, who continues to prove his own increased dominance and sadism in the ring. More experienced Zacky faces off with Andrews, a prospect neither fighter seems to mind at first. Red-headed firecracker Matty locks up with Steel, in one of the wildest, hottest, most thunderous tag team ruckuses ever captured on film.

Faces are smothered by armpits, backs are brutally bent, hair is roughly pulled, and tag partners are slammed together like cymbals. Perhaps the most exciting part of this tag match is the almost mirror-like side-by-side action, as each tag partner times his punishments with his partner. Each display of dominance is driven home with especially mean-spirited, painful, sensual eroticism. Sweaty bodies twist together, and aggressive holds blend into undoubtedly erotic postures and positions.

Abs are clenched. Pecs are punished. Balls are crushed, clobbered, and nearly ripped off! Just when things couldn’t get any sexier, two tag partners are ground into each other by their opponents in steamy, sensual, sexual aggression...ending in a double facesit that sees the two defeated wrestlers reaching desperately for each other’s hands…

Total Runtime: 22 minutes, 19 seconds

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