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Shawn Duncan versus Nathan FX

True competitive people will get into almost any contest.  To say that Nathan FX and Shawn Duncan are competitive would be an understatement. 

So we begin here with an old fashion arm wrestling contest.  When Nathan wins, the two competitors decides to use the other arm and see who comes up on top.  Nathan wins again.  Next, Nathan gets on the floor in a plank and has Shawn sit on his back to see who can stay in the plan position the longest.  After Nathan finally succumbs they switch places and now it is Nathan's turn to sit on Shawn's back. 

Next up?  How about a test of strength?  As the pair go at it, Nathan decides he has had enough of these small contests and grabs Shawn, placing him on his shoulders and doing squats.  This then turns into a full fledged wrestling contest, on in which Nathan will do anything to lose, as evidenced by the several low blows he will deliver to Nathan's crotch during the contest.  Although Shawn does manage to generate some offense, Nathan is clearly the more dominant grappler here and much more aggressive. 

In the end, he has Shawn on his back, twisted, saying the words that every wrestler wants to hear their opponent say, "I submit!".  Two great wrestlers in a fun video!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 53 seconds

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