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Brian versus Raphael (Part 3)

If you watched the first two parts of this battle, you know that Raphael has controlled most of the action, seemingly doing to Brian what he wants, when he wants to do it.  Will it continue here in the third and final part?  

Although early indications are that it will, there are times in this final part where Brian seems to get a second wind and is able to bring the fight to Raphael, however briefly.  Raphael breaks out some more pro wrestling holds here that leaves Brian grunting in pain, and the finale is a devastating arm bar that actually causes the recipient to lose consciousness.  It is the culmination of a three part feast that I know you will enjoy!  If you like seeing two muscled studs sweating in other's grasp and rolling around on the mat with just a little bit of humiliation thrown in, then this series is for you! 

Total running time:  10 minutes 32 seconds

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