Elite Eliot vs. Zacky Darlin

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Elite Eliot is an alpha male. Stern and forceful is his ways, especially when he's got an opponent across from the ring or mat from him. He is definitely overlooking his next match against Zacky Darlin.

Zacky is a spark plug. He doesn't look like he'd be a difficult fight, but I think everyone who has wrestled him (and his boyfriend, Matty O'Boy) have come out of the ring and off the mats very surprised and sore from the lightweight.

Eliot gives the smaller but determined Zacky Darlin a full out physical muscle match. What Darlin lacks in size, he more than makes up for in spirit and spunk. Zacky gets Eliot in a choke hold early on, but is unable to keep the loud-mouth locked up. Try though he might, Zacky Darlin is trounced by Elite Eliot. 

Zacky makes a few masterful moves to pin the pretty powerhouse to the floor, but the more muscular Eliot is able to windmill the twink in masterful style. Zacky recovers and get his revenge locking up the egotistical Eliot. He does such a good job that Eliot even begs for mercy but takes advantage of the situation to turn the tables and punish his opponent. He even abusively tears out handfuls of chest hair. Eliot dominates in this brutal body bash.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 36 seconds

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