Elite Eliot vs. Ty Alexander (Rugby Lads)

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Ty is waiting in the ring for his opponent, who is late for their match. Quickly losing patience, finally his opponent arrives in the person of Elite Eliot in bright white shorts. The problem, Elite doesn’t believe that Ty is his actual opponent, he wants someone bigger and stronger. The trash talking begins until finally a wager is made for the match…..if Elite Eliot wins, Ty has to wash his car. If Ty wins, Elite becomes his “bitch” for the weekend. As an added bonus, if Ty is able to grab 2 falls over Elite, he has to lose his white shorts.

Ty quickly shows that he has advanced a lot in the ring since the last time he was here. Quickly moving from pro hold to pro hold, Elite soon realizes that Ty has much more skill than he has given him credit for. Eliot is certainly no slouch in the ring, however, and he has prolific offensive skills of his own.

Will Ty have to wash Eliot’s car, or will Elite have to be Ty’s slave for the weekend? There is no prize greater to lose than one’s freedom and be at another person’s beck and call. The stakes are high, the action is hot and heavy, the trash talking is at a feverish pace and we are all winners no matter who comes out on top!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 32 seconds

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