Elite Eliot vs. Ty Alexander (Pros Up-Close)

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Ty Alexander and Elite Eliot are no strangers to a professional wrestling ring. As Ty is parading in the ring, Eliot delivers a brutal chair shot to his back. A subsequent power slam on the chair and Ty is at a quick disadvantage. Eliot is methodical in his motions and diabolical in his moves. Throwing his opponent hard into the corner, kicks to the midsection, Eliot then decides that he like Ty’s gear and relieves him of his pro gear, leaving Ty in a black latex speedo.

Ty has learned a lot in his pro career and understands a strategic low blow can change the course of any match. Now in control of Eliot, Ty executes shoulder after shoulder to the midsection of Eliot. A sleeper hold that transitions into a leg scissors further weakens Eliot until he executes his own reversal, delivers a fatal piledriver and notches the first pin fall of the match.

Back on the offensive using his wrist tape to choke Ty, Eliot soon finds that he needs to punish Ty a lot more to score any further pin falls, something he is unable to do as Ty manages to once again gain the upper hand, give Eliot a pile driver of his own and even up the bout.

The third and final fall begins with Eliot attacking Ty’s midsection with shoulder blocks, followed by a DDT. Stripping Ty further down to just a white thong, Eliot’s assault continues until Ty again miraculously reverses Eliot’s fortunes. Don’t forget about that chair from the beginning of the bout though, it will come in handy to help determine the final victor in the bout, as one fighter will lie unconscious in the center with the other claiming victory. A final pedigree delivered and the bout I decided. A great pro wrestling spectacle!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 23 minutes, 44 seconds

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