Elite Eliot vs. Garrett Thomas (My Nuts Bro!)

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Lupine Garrett Thomas likes to laugh at the dudes stretching in the ring. Today it’s James Dean-like prettyboy Elite Eliot, but the kid ain’t taking the Boss Hog’s attitude today, shoving him hard, like in a schoolyard fight. The Boss Hog loves a good provocation, and returns the shove. Both men are tight, hot, and rough. Speedos, knee pads, boots, and a serious love of fighting and domination...this is gonna be good!

These guys battle with a brilliantly slow, almost seductive style today. Their banter is brotherly, humorous, and their bodies look incredible locking one another up. That is, until the Boss Hog snaps, and crushes the kids balls like a brute. Garrett Thomas flexes those incredible biceps, as he stands firmly on top of the pretty boy’s balls.

Thomas paddle-boats his opponent’s arms while wrenching him backward. Eliot clenches his own balls protectively but it’s no use. The Boss Hog destroys the boy’s hog with everything he’s got. Suffering, sexy man packages are visible through soft, thin speedos, making the endless ball and shaft torture a visceral experience for viewers. And just wait until a certain tool of torture is introduced. Ouch!  

Run Time: 21 minutes, 26 seconds

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