Elite Eliot vs. Gabe Steele

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Elite Eliot and Gabe Steele are enjoying a little bit of liquor on the mat when Elite tells Gabe that he has been watching his career in Bro Battle with interest. When the two decide to do a pose off, Elite asks Gabe to hold his drink. Gabe decides to help himself to Elite’s drink and Elite is none too happy with that, deciding to take out his frustration on Gabe.

Blows to the gut, a DDT to the mat and repeated kicks to the prone Steele don’t satisfy Eliot’s thirst for payback. Soon Gabe find himself on the receiving end of a fierce sleeper. Once he has put the up and comer out, Eliot uses Gabe’s drink to wake him up, only for the abuse to continue. Hard shots to his opponent’s back, headlocks, head scissors and more are all on the menu for Gabe.

Elite shows that he has been in the underground wrestling scene a lot longer than Gabe with the tactics he uses and the way he trash talks, however, Gabe shows that although he be newer to the scene, he is

no pushover and gives Eliot a run for him money. It a battle of the wrestling generations….will youth win over experience or will the veteran rule the day? You’ll have to watch to find out!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 30 minutes, 14 seconds

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