Elite Eliot vs. Channing Travolta

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“Can you wrestle?” asks tight, smooth, flawless Elite Eliot, his face an impassive mask. His opponent is soft, green Channing Travolta, who wears a confident smile like a clown. If you’ve ever read studies about fighters who smile vs. fighters who don’t, you know what’s about to happen. If you haven’t, well...enjoy.

Packages are outlined in sleek speedos, as two men dance to discover one another’s weaknesses. It becomes apparent to Eliot almost immediately that Travolta is strong, but unseasoned. Legs are tangled and twisted in painful ways, hands grope faces and arms lock around necks. Beads of sweat appear on Travolta’s red face as he gags and strains for breath. Eliot pounds his soft abdomen, then figure fours his head nicely.

Boston crabs, hair pulling, camels! There’s plenty of give and take, but Eliot turns on the pro moves quick, serving up a heaping helping of floor for the newbie. Outstanding throws, especially from a smaller man. It’s a humiliating final act for Travolta, the new golden jobber.

Run Time: 21 minutes

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