Drew Harper vs. Paricutin

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Beefy Blonde Drew Harper wears his letterman’s jacket, speedos, knee pads, and boots. He’s tossing around a pigskin, and initiating extremely long and lean Paricutin into his fraternity. Paricutin looks vulnerable and a little dorky in boots and mint green speedos, but he cleancut, sinewy stud has an intense mean streak that we’ve seen in NHB-Fights. As Drew requires him to earn his place in the frat, Paricutin agrees to complete a physical challenge. Drew corrects the skinny dude’s pushup form, then challenges the skinny dude to pick him up, only to pull him into an aggressive wrestling hold. Drew begins pounding Paricutin’s abs, all while talking to him in a calming voice that is completely at odds with what he’s doing to him physically. A full nelson…a football pressed into his abs...a fist twisted into his skinny bicep, leaving deep finger marks. Drew straddles Paricutin, clawing and squeezing his pectorals until he’s practically begging for the pain to stop. 

“I’m actually impressed,” says Drew, stripping off his jacket. Drew hoists Paricutin up by his legs, displaying his ass to the camera in a humiliating hold. Superior thighs squeeze the skinny kid, leaving him breathless as the camera explores Paricutin’s taint with an eye for humiliation. Drew challenges Paricutin to an arm wrestling contest that the skinny man valiantly fights to win, only to be knocked over on his back by the big brawler. 

Headlocks, full nelsons, abdominal punishment. “Go for it!” roars Paricutin, who appears to be a glutton for punishment. He actually seems to enjoy the challenge as he grips the ropes and steadies himself, sobbing and gasping. Drew invites Paricutin to do the same to him, which he does with raging glee. Drew cradles Paricutin, his ass and balls exposed to the camera as he struggles for freedom. Hairpulling...ballbusting...an over the knee backbreaker...a Boston crab...a bearhug...the punishment never ends, as both men are covered in sweat! 

Total Runtime - 24 minutes, 17 seconds

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