Drew Harper vs. Max Ryder (Bro Battle)

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Max and Drew greet each other on the mat and the topic quickly turns to the tapestry of bruises that adorn Max’s body and how he got them. Before long Drew is all over Max, determined to add to his growing collection. One gets the impression that Drew thinks an easy victory is in the cards and underestimates Max’s ability to give as good as he gets. He is soon proven wrong.

Lots of back and forth here, with a fair amount of action on the nearby couch. Attempts to limit the amount of air their opponent is receiving occur frequently, but neither grappler is able to deal the death blow. It is only near the final moments that one wrestler is able to put the other to sleep and leaves on on the mat, only to return moments later to try and further embarrass him. He will be sorry he did that!

Best to leave sleeping dogs lie, as the attempt at further humiliation totally backfires, and his opponent gains a second wind, placing the combatant in a figure four and the hurt is on. One last sleeper hold and we have a clear winner in the bout. The victor posing, the loser snoozing.

Total Run-time: 26 minutes, 40 seconds

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