Drew Harper vs. Ethan Andrews (Oil Wrestling)

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When we join our two wrestlers they are very deliberately and meticulously oiling each other up on the mat. As is often the case, one combatant takes the opportunity to cheap shot the other while the oiling is going on. Soon one individual has the other on the mat subject him to stretches and some well planted feet into the crotch.

It won’t be that way forever as the tables quickly turn. Before long there is a back and forth, holds are locked in, holds are escaped by slithering out making every use of the oil. There are head butts and nipple claws, pec claws and arm bars. Both wage an intense battle to get the upper hand, with both truly putting the hurt on their opponent.

A final lengthy sleeper hold decides the victor and leaves the loser sleeping on the mat. The winner remains just long enough to taunt the loser and to pose for the NHB camera. A final “flipping off” the loser and the champion exits the mat, looking for his next opponent.

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 21 minutes, 19 seconds

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