Drake Vaughn vs. Santos

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Poor Drake Vaughn.  He has not seemed to learn his lessons from his previous bouts.  Although his ability to pounce off the ropes and do forward rolls into an attack on an opponent may look good for a moment, it is hardly a winning plan in most matches.  Drake starts off this bout staring across from Santos.  Vaughn is flexing and posing before the bout, and he finds that it is wasted time as Santos is soon upon him with a painful ball grab and nipple twists.  To say Drake was caught unawares would be the understatement of the year!
I will say this though, as the match progresses, there seems to be a change in the way Drake approaches battling his opponent.  There is less theatrics and acrobatic moves, and a definite turn towards just coming at his opponent, relentlessly, without pause.  When Santos does manage to get back the initiative, it is only momentary, as Drake manages to do what he has to this point failed to do in his matches, gain the advantage and keep the advantage.  Finally having the upper hand, Drake refuses to relinquish it back to Santos.
But, just when you think Drake may have finally learned his lesson, when he does put Santos down for good, he begins with the posing and flexing again.  I know it is fashionable to do that when you win, but you would think with a record like Drake has, he might have a little less showmanship.  I almost feel like you need to earn the right to pose and flex over your fallen opponent.  Drake, although showing definite improvement in this bout, still has a way to go until he is able to compete against some of the veteran W4H stable.  But definitely a step in the right direction!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  17 minutes, 34 seconds

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