Drake Vaughn vs. Lash

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What happens when some light horseplay suddenly turns more serious?  Drake and Lash are in the ring together taking turns slapping each other's ass when Lash decides he has had enough and begins a bout Drake wasn't aware they would be having.  The two go back and forth with Lash attempting to keep Drake down on the mat but Drake manages to squirm free (as he so often does) and begins to execute a few of his flying kicks.  This does little to impress or contain his opponent however, and he soon finds himself on the receiving end of a Boston crab.
The thing about Drake is it is very difficult to keep him in any one hold or position for long.  Throughout the match he claims he is a world class swimmer and at times, both he (and Lash) exhibit swimming technique in the ring.  At one point Lash even strips Drake of his wrestling gear to reveal a much smaller pair of almost thong like gear.  Drake later returns the favor when he also strips down Lash to a sexy yellow thong like apparel.  The two appear to have a very playful chemistry in the ring, happy to just roll around and put each other in holds hoping the other will finally submit.
Lash on more than one occasion hoists Drake up upon his shoulders and gives him a ride, but even that does not get the submission he is looking for,.  Instead, when is placed on the mat, he jumps up, moves to a corner of the ring, runs at Lash and springs like a cat trying to catch his favorite toy.  There is little Lash can do to dampen Drake's enthusiasm and once Lash is relieved of his outer trunks, he finds it difficult to continue and eventually exits the ring claiming he didn't want to go anymore, and he was the only real swimmer.  Two hot twinks in a playful video where they lose a large part of their gear.....sounds good to me!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes, 00 seconds

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