Drake Vaughn vs. Jonny The Body

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In this battle against Jonny The Body he is the same playful wrestler that he proved to be in his initial outing.  Both Drake and Jonny trade blows but serve up a huge helping of spankings, nipple twists and ball grabs.  Drake finds it difficult to keep the larger Jonny down on the ring, and so resorts to whatever tactic he thinks will work for him.
Before long, both Drake and Jonny had very noticeable red splotches on their upper chests, having been on the receiving end of blows from their opponent.  While neither grappler is able to maintain the upper hand for very long, Jonny does seem to overall get the better of the smaller and young Drake.  Drake still attempts some of his springing off the ropes, but here against Jonny those prove mostly unsuccessful.  It is only when the two are close and lock up in headlocks and bearhugs that the true punishment is dished out.
Drake has not proven to had a very successful career so far at W4H, either due to the size and power difference he has given up to his opponents.  Sorry to say, it does not appear that his luck will change very much in this bout.  Although he gets an "A" for effort, his execution still needs some work, and he would do well to formulate a plan against an opponent, rather than just relying on his quickness and ability to move nimbly off the ropes.  In the end, Jonny is able to put the smaller Vaughn to sleep, and as Drake will notice, you can be bouncing off the ropes when you are sleeping in the middle of the ring!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  18 minutes, 34 seconds

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