Drake Vaughn vs. Caleb Klein (Gets Real)

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Drake Vaughn has made his way thus far in W4H by kind of being the goofy newbie.  He flies around the ring, jumping on the backs of his opponents, attempting very poorly executed dropkicks, and basically squirming his way out of his opponents grasp since he is so small, thin and sprite.  That was before he met Caleb Klein.  Caleb Klein is here to wrestle.  He doesn't have times for games, he doesn't have time for smiley posing newbies who think wrestling is all show and no go.  Caleb is all about the go.  And go on Drake he does, from the minute the bout begins.
As much as Drake is determined to dance around the ring and just out of the reach of Caleb, Caleb is determined to keep the youngster within his grasp, either down on the mat or tight in his clutches.  Drake is thrown around the ring like a rag doll, hauled onto Caleb's back for a crushing backbreaker, tied up in a figure four leg lock and the victim of a devastating suplex.  Safe to say, I don't think Drake has ever found himself in this type of situation before.  All the goofiness and shenanigans are gone, all that is left is a whimpering Drake, who attempts to tap out at one point, only to be ignored by Caleb.
The beatdown of the young Drake continues as Caleb forces Drake into the corner.  A clothesline sends Drake once more to the mat and he rolls around in pain until he is hoisted t his feet by a clearly determined Caleb.  Putting the young twink into what looks like a setup for a pedigree, Drake manages to once again squirm away only for Caleb to deliver a massive European uppercut to Drake, which knocks the rookie for a loop and suddenly this is no joke anymore, Drake has had enough of the big man and declares that the bout is over, unwilling to endure any more punishment.  If you thought that all of this was just "play acting", this video may change your mind.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  11 minutes, 30 seconds

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