Drake Vaughn vs. Average Aaron

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Aaron is in the ring testing the ropes when he comes across Drake Vaughn, whom he politely asks to remove himself from the ring as he is making the entire ring look unusable.  Drake suggests that Aaron leave instead and Aaron agrees to.  As he is leaving, Aaron extends a hand for a handshake and when the two do, Aaron sneak attacks the surprised Drake and the bout is on.  Aaron is quickly upon the smaller Drake and he begins a beatdown of the young twink.  Clubbing blows to the back all serve to keep the young Drake on the mat, but Aaron is quick to find that Drake quickly recovers and comes right back at him.
Having read Underground Wrestling for Dummies, Drake next delivers a low blow to the bigger Aaron and soon Aaron is on the mat writhing in pain.  Back and forth the pair go, exchanging blow for blow, with Drake leaping in the air to deliver pseudo dropkicks to Aaron.  More low blows, more sneak attacks, and more instances of Drake propelling himself across the ring onto the back of the prone Aaron keep the action fast and furious.  You never really know exactly who has the advantage as it becomes apparent that as soon as one of the combatants appears to gain the upper hand, their opponent will surely reverse and claim the advantage.
Eventually one of the pair does manage to claim a submission out of their opponent and at that point a gesture of good faith is put forth.  Perhaps they could each teach the other a thing or two inside the squared circle.  Agreement is reached, handshakes confirm, and just as they are about to get their first lesson together, one of the pair low blows the other and all bets are once again off.  A pin fall is achieved and all that is left is a final round to determine the winner.  The power of Aaron vs. the cat-like ability of Drake in a winner take all third fall.  But who will win?  You'll have to watch to find out.
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  20 minutes

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William G Erland Erland
Great job

Enjoyed the match

Excited For Average Aaron!

I've been hoping to see Average Aaron in action ever since I saw him in the October 2022 Behind The Scenes video. I'm so happy to finally get my wish, and I was very pleased with his performance in this match! I love a wrestler with a handsome face, cocky attitude, thicc build, and skimpy gear. Aaron checks all of these boxes handily. Please bring him back for more matches!

Drake Gale

Wow this match up was amazing! Definitely loved seeing the newcomer Average Aaron! Love a guy with a hot average dad bod! This is what this website needed. Can't wait to see more of Average Aaron, hopefully we get to see more of him on here and show what these other guys that he means hot sweaty business!

Eric Yu Dysanco

Just purchased this match!

I don't want to spoil the ending but I want to say that Average Aaron is no average guy and is totally 🔥!

Can't wait to see more of him!

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