Drake Marcos vs. Guido Genatto (Chain Wars)

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Drake Marcos is clearly unafraid, evident in his willingness to not only take on sadistic Guido Genatto, but to allow himself to be CHAINED to this motherfucker by way of a matching neck collar. That's right, Genatto and Marcos are leashed like dogs, and chained together. What else are they supposed to do but fight? 

It's an asphyxiating arena of choking, gasping, gagging, and more, as two strong fighters get tangled and strangled. Nobody suffers like Marcos, who finds himself in one compromising position after another, hairy chest heaving, hairy armpits exposed as upraised arms reach for release. 

"Right into the fuckin' web!" Genatto roars, using his leverage to yank Marcos' face into his crotch, where he puts the squeeze on the callow combatant, whose muffled moans will haunt your most dominating dreams.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes

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