Drake Marcos & Ty Alexander vs. Mark Merino (Double Crossed)

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I figured since I'd had two roommates hanging out that I should let them have some fun beating on a big bodybuilder. Marc Merino has added loads of muscle mass since he first appeared in videos for my site. It's impressive. I struggle in the gym to maintain average size and this guy is a beast. I think I need to hire him for my training coach.

Ty and Drake are very arrogant in this match, even though Drake hasn't had much (if any) ring experience. The two roomies pass Marc back-and-forth. Well, maybe more like shove. It's hard to pass around such a big man. 

Everything is more fun with your friends, right? Well, that's not always true, especially when you are stuck in a car for hours on your way to a shoot. Apparently, Drake and Ty were getting on each others nerves. Ty the more brash and loud-mouthed of the two starts bossing around his buddy. Drake has enough and buries Ty's head deep into his crotch with a tight head scissor. Ty re-pays the service with a head scissor of his own around Drake's neck.

Things calm down and the two go back to beating up the muscle stud. They embarrass and humiliate him with wedgies, asses being rubbed over his face and sexy trash talk. 

Just when it seems things are back on track for the friendship of the pink-speedo pals, one of them double-crosses the other and leaves them lying cock up on Mr. Merino.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes

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Keith Barber

The action may have left something to be desired, but Drake Marcos still is the sexiest man I've ever seen. If he's in a match, I like it.

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