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Brad Slayer versus Jessie Lee

Sometimes two wrestlers just know that they want to get into it.  They want to feeling of knowing that their two hard bodies will be in constant contact, one vying for superiority over the other.  There is almost an feral feeling to their bout.  In this video filmed in a hotel room, we get right to the action as Jessie Lee and Brad Slayer meet on the bed and immediately go at one another, tying each other up, mounting their opponents backs as they face down on the mattress. 

Brad is definitely the larger of the two and it shows as he is able to power Jessie into some of his moves just with his upper body (and late in the match where just simply does a power lift of Jessie as Jessie is stradling his chest).  Just as in a fight between two wild animals, all that is heard is the heavy, labored breathing of the pair as the roll around looking for the advantage, at one point even rolling off the bed.  It is only when Jessie finally manages to get behind Brad and force his face into the mattress and apply enough pressure that Brad cannot breathe that we get the only spoken words of the bout, "I submit".  Two alpha males going at one another in a match you won't soon forget.

Total running time:  26 minutes, 52 seconds

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