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Alex versus Joey McCoy & Santana

Santana and Joey McCoy are meeting up after not seeing one another for an extended period of time.  Joey asks Santana if he has learned any new moves since they met last and Santana says yes and starts by putting Joey and in a wristlock into an armbar, both which obviously are very painful for Joey.  When released, Joey takes his turn on Santana, and as they begin round two, Joey suggests they practice their new holds on the new guy, who enters wearing a lime green speedo.  Little did Lance know that he was about to be thrown to the wolves, "fresh meat" as newbies are called, as he becomes the playtoy of Santana and Joey to try multiple holds, full force, as all he can do is beg for release and moan in pain. 

Joey wants his turns as well, and he definitely gives Lance some devastating open palm chest slaps, while teaming up with Santana to put Lance into a cross face arm bar.  Lance is nearly put to sleep at one point, too, but the pair release the hold, only to continue the punishment they are dishing out.  In the end, Lance's head between Santana's powerful legs cause the big Lance to collapse to the floor, a victim of a blindsided double team the likes of which he will not soon forget,. 

If you enjoy a good old fashioned 2 on 1 beatdown, this video is for you!

Total running time:  20 minutes, 09 seconds

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