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Enzo & Santana versus Joey McCoy

It's never good when you find yourself as the 1 in a 2 on 1.  It's even more devastating when you are Joey McCoy, and your 1 is less then three quarters of one of the other ones.  So when Joey finds himself being harassed by Santana and Enzo, you can bet that not only will his diminutive size work against, but so will he inferior power and strength.  

As Joey is watching a television program, the pair of Santana and Enzo barge in and grab the remote from him.  A quick game of keep away ensues before the pair decide to just take it to Joey and use him as not only a barbell, but as their personal playtoy.  It would be unfair just one of these wrestlers against Joey, but when the pair team up to put Joey in full nelsons, tombstones, powerbombs onto the furniture and cross face arm locks, there is no hope for Joey. 

When all is said and done, Joey is left lying face down having succumbed to one last hold by both grapplers, unconscious on the floor as the victorious pair head off to celebrate the win.  If you enjoy a total squash done in a 2 on 1 fashion, this is for you!

Total running time:  15 minutes, 04 seconds

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