Donevan vs. John Bronco (Thongs)

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What's hotter than two sculpted, toned, muscular studs in tiny speedos going one on one in the ring?  How about those same two studs in the ring, but in thongs instead?  As is often then case in these type of battles, the pair spend the first part posing, flexing, and basically trying to show which of the two is the alpha male of the pair.  When the two finally do hook up, Donevan takes an early lead and immediately puts Bronco into a sleeper hold and has his opponent quickly snoring on the mat as he poses over him.  It is only when a humiliating slap across the face awakens Bronco that he immediately returns the favor and puts Donevan to sleep as well.
Upon be awakened, the pair lock up again and once again Donevan is upon his opponent.  Leg scissors give way to a head scissors that almost puts Bronco out again, but before going totally out, he manages to turn the tables and once more has the chiseled Donevan in a sleeper hold, causing the stud to once more slip away into unconsciousness.  More posing over their prone foe and it becomes obvious that the wrestler who can remain awake at the end of the match will be the eventual winner.  
The two wrestlers obviously enjoy seeing the energy of their opponents slowly fade from them until they join the Dreamland (And frankly, so will you!).  Stretching of legs, knees to the upper backs and yes, sleeper hold after sleeper hold ensue until there is finally a winner determined between the two.  There is something very alluring about seeing a chiseled guy sleeping on the mat (especially if he has done involuntarily), and I know each of you will truly enjoy the way these two studs work each other over and then totally take in the site of the other wrestler prone on the mat!
TOTAL RUN-TIME:  22 minutes, 17 seconds

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