DJ Beckham Jr vs. MarkO

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Poor DJ cannot get a break.  Hanging out in the locker room, he’s probably hoping for a little down time after getting his ass handed to him in some of his other recent matches.  DJ is the classic tall, dark, and handsome type, with impressive abs, pecs, guns, and thighs.  MarkO comes in mad.  His famous veins popping all over his ripped and competition ready frame.  MarkO has rehabilitated himself from his early W4H days, when it was often “Mark-OMG you’re drunk again.”  These days he is all sober business, with some dirty moves thrown in.

He’s pissed at DJ for not backing him up in a recent match, and DJ doesn’t seem to know what he’s talking about.  Stomach claw fans are in for a treat, and both wrestlers get their nerve and muscle pinching holds in.  DJ has learned how to fight in the confined space of the locker room, working wristlocks, arm bars, chin locks, and neck wrenches to perfection.  Picking up his discarded wrist wraps, he momentarily chokes MarkO out, and works another great stomach claw followed by a series of gut punches.  

But MarkO did not get his physique by being easily overcome.  He comes back with a series of gut punches of his own, softening DJ up for a revenge choke hold.  With DJ groggy from his lack of air, MarkO can plant his massive boot firmly in DJ’s abs, keeping him from getting his breath.  Too bad for MarkO, DJ is equally resilient, and delivers the same level of gut punches, stomach claws, and boots to the stomach, right back to MarkO.

DJ clearly has excellent wrestling skills, but his time with us so far seems to be pointing to jobber-in-residence.  Will this match turn the tide?  Gut torture fans probably won’t care, since there is plenty of pain to go around.

Run Time 19 minutes, 56 seconds

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