DJ Beckham Jr vs. Igor (Outdoors)

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What starts as a friendly discussion between Igor and DJ about proper housekeeping etiquette quickly devolves into an all out, drag out fight between the two when DJ decides to throw his cup of water into Igor’s face. The fight is on! Old school grappling takes place as DJ and Igor are comparatively equal in height and weight, so while neither is able to get an advantage early on, there are several moves and countermoves between the pair.

Where there is a big difference is DJ is very much the trash talker. Always trying to get a psychological advantage over Igor, Igor is a much more a business-like wrestler, letting his skills do the talking for him. But will skills be enough to secure the win? Lots of arm bars and headlocks in this one, the two constantly on the mat with one another, probing and studying for any weakness which can exploited.

In the end, a modified camel clutch has one wrestler tapping out to the other, and no matter which person wins, I can guarantee that the breach of housekeeping etiquette will never happen again…the consequences are just too painful!

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 06 seconds

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