DJ Beckham Jr vs. Guido Genatto & Max Quivers

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If this is the first time you’ve seen Max Quivers, you might be thinking, “what the hell is going on around here?”  I mean, there is a guy in the ring wearing a suit and a mask, and he is positively massive.  But fans know that Max likes to deliver a special brand of punishment to the younger, good looking, muscled hunks at W4H.  And here, served up on a platter, is W4H newcomer DJ.  DJ is 5’ 10” of lean and mean muscle mass, with swarthy good looks, and a record of pro wins in other circuits. In fact, Max makes it clear to DJ that he specifically ordered and paid the powers that be for this match.  Max certainly has good taste.

Joining the fun is Guido Genatto.  There aren’t enough adjectives to describe the down and dirty skills and style of Genatto.  He revels in being the wild, dirty daddy.  Here he revels in setting up DJ for punishment by Max.  You will wonder who could breathe with Max’s oak tree thighs wrapped around their neck.  Of course, Max’s tie makes for a convenient choker, and the suit jacket is literally whipped into action as well.

But all the pro moves are not left to Genatto.  Max manages an obviously wrenching camel clutch, among other surprises.  Still, Genatto earns his keep by setting DJ up in a full nelson, or in the corner, so that Max can land some truly punishing blows. And when DJ appears to pass out, a swift kick to the balls wakes him right up.  There are no holds barred in this ring, and while Max continues the nutsack torture with a gas pedal, Genatto is choking DJ out.  Hopefully DJ froze some sperm if he ever hopes to be a dad.  For more classic moves, an unforgiving dual armbar does not disappoint, and DJ has to admit that dirty daddy is his god before they will let him go.  But even that is not enough, as they set up a double wishbone to make their point that they have totally dominated the newcomer.

This two of our finest and dirtiest sadists having their way with the new kid on the block.  Pure, evil pleasure.

Run Time 20 minutes, 15 seconds

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